Just shaking my head

As I sit here I really didn’t know what the title should be. I’m waiting to go to work looking through the news articles to read bull shit.

One article reads Ozzy Osborne is leaving America. In the article it says he is tired of the mass shootings. He is selling his house in California for 18 million dollars. Not two months ago he stated he was leaving California do you high taxes. We’ll I wonder if hiring 87000 IRS agents had anything to do with him wanting to go back to England. If he really is leaving from all of the mass shootings, I ask why can’t you give back to a country that has gave you so much. So many people has lived his music to include me. I never thought someone would turn there back on a country that has supported him so much. With all the money and influence you have you can’t help do something to stop it.

The answer doesn’t start with money it starts with people asking questions. Put your political views apart and start doing what the people did to build this country. The government will not fix this problem. They will continue to profit from it. You look at how much money was spent to benefit this government. The first question should be, what are you doing to protect our children? I promise you the security at congress and senate will be increased after Jan 6. Do you not think that costs money?

I just really wish people would think and start relying on each other to fix problems. As a veteran I know you can’t rely on our government, however history has shown you can rely on the American people.

We have came together during so many times of need. From 9-11 to ww1 and 2. National disasters that has effected people you didn’t know, but wanted to help. Do you not think the things going on in our country isn’t something that we should rely on each other to fix versus a government that does not listen.

Episode 40: World War 2 Time

In this episode Don and Doug discuss the opportunity they had with a vet that served in the 1950’s. This time was very different in America as well as in the military. They also got the opportunity to shoot several WW2 firearms. They shot an M1 Grande that was manufactured in 1942. They also shot the German Choice of weapons an 8MM Mauser. This day was spent learning about some history from this time that they did not know. It truly was an amazing day spent talking to this veteran and sharing some beer. It is a day that Doug will never forgot as the M1 Grande was on his bucket list and I am sure his search engine history is filled with pricing and trying to find one. Here is a few videos of us shooting and pictures from the day. You can listen to the whole podcast as well.

S2 E37 JB Brown, Military Veteran, Singer Songwriter. Two Drunk Dudes In A Gun Room

JB Brown is a Marine Veteran. He served until becoming injured in combat. He than continued a music career starting in the rock scene, until he found his true calling to country music. JB Brown got selected to be apart of operation encore and his career has continued to grow from there. You can follow JB Brown on his website and you can listen to his music on Gun Room Radio To listen to music by our military veterans and military spouses check out Gun Room Radio You can also follow Gun Room Radio on Facebook You can follow Two Drunk Dudes in a Gun Room podcast on the following Platforms Website Facebook Twitter Instagram If you need help reach out to us or call 988 EXT 1 for veterans. Reach out to us at ddunn@twodrunkdudesinagunroom.beer
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  3. S2 E36 22 Mohawks, with Dave and Stacy
  4. S2 E33: Joaquin Juatai, Veteran, Author
  5. S2 E35: Malachias, Veteran, Singer Songwriter

On this day July 1, 1863

On this day the largest battle in the history of the United States. The famous battle of Gettysburg started today. The confederate army had a line of forces reaching 6 miles long. The union army had a line reaching 3 miles long as the battle raged.

The civil war was so different from any other war. The tactics used was insane by todays standards. They would meet and basically take turns firing at each other. If a civil war broke out today I think it would tremendously different.

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On this day June 12, 1944

June 12,1944 the third wave of US troops hit the beach of Normandy. At this point there was well over 100k troops on ground pushing the Germans back. The success of D day is what gave us the ability to continue the push and resupply of troops and supplies . The death of thousands during the assault, could have changed the outcome for millions had these brave Soldiers lost the assault. As a nation we owe these men and women from this period a grateful and sincere thank you

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