On this day August 28, 1941

On this day With the nation on the verge of entering World War II and prices threatening to skyrocket, the government chose to take action against inflation. On this day, President Franklin Roosevelt handed down an executive order establishing the Office of Price Administration (OPA). Charged with controlling consumer prices in the face of war, the OPA wheeled into action, imposing rent controls and a rationing program which initially targeted auto tires. Soon, the agency was churning out coupon books for sugar, coffee, meat, fats, oils, and numerous other items. Though goods were in tight supply, Americans were urged to stick to the system of rationing. Some even took the Homefront Pledge, a declaration of their commitment to avoiding the black market in favor of buying the OPA way. The end of the war didn t prompt an instant shutdown of the OPA. Reasoning that some goods were still quite scarce, President Truman kept the agency running. However, the existence of a government agency for regulated prices and production didn’t sit well with some people. Big business bristled at the controls, as did farmers, who suffered under continued meat rationing. Soon after the ’46 election, the OPA was relieved of its duties, with only rents, sugar, and rice still subject to controls. The agency’s record of service during the war was fairly impressive: by V-J, consumer prices had increased by 31 percent, a number which was noticeably better than the 62 percent bloating of prices during World War I.

So you compare what President Roosevelt did for this country compared to what is happening for us and I think you will see how times have changed. I heard people from both sides say the bill that just passed to control inflation will do nothing for inflation. Most think it will make things worse by spending more money that we don’t have. I don’t think the people are in the best interest of the powers to be anymore.

I am not a fan of President Roosevelt, however you can’t say he wasn’t here for the people. He was the reason working conditions for factory workers improved. He is also the reason why the energy monopoly was stopped. The very rich and powerful put him in as a vice president to prevent him from becoming the president. It turned on them when he was made president by the death of President McKinley. I think he remembered who he worked for maybe its a lesson that needs relearned.

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This was another fun episode no script just our thoughts.

Credit to: https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/08/29/august-28/