Just shaking my head

As I sit here I really didn’t know what the title should be. I’m waiting to go to work looking through the news articles to read bull shit.

One article reads Ozzy Osborne is leaving America. In the article it says he is tired of the mass shootings. He is selling his house in California for 18 million dollars. Not two months ago he stated he was leaving California do you high taxes. We’ll I wonder if hiring 87000 IRS agents had anything to do with him wanting to go back to England. If he really is leaving from all of the mass shootings, I ask why can’t you give back to a country that has gave you so much. So many people has lived his music to include me. I never thought someone would turn there back on a country that has supported him so much. With all the money and influence you have you can’t help do something to stop it.

The answer doesn’t start with money it starts with people asking questions. Put your political views apart and start doing what the people did to build this country. The government will not fix this problem. They will continue to profit from it. You look at how much money was spent to benefit this government. The first question should be, what are you doing to protect our children? I promise you the security at congress and senate will be increased after Jan 6. Do you not think that costs money?

I just really wish people would think and start relying on each other to fix problems. As a veteran I know you can’t rely on our government, however history has shown you can rely on the American people.

We have came together during so many times of need. From 9-11 to ww1 and 2. National disasters that has effected people you didn’t know, but wanted to help. Do you not think the things going on in our country isn’t something that we should rely on each other to fix versus a government that does not listen.

The great outdoors with Mo vets outdoors

In this episode Don and Doug discuss the organization Mo vets outdoors with the founder Tony. They pay for hunting and fishing trips to get veterans unplugged and out of there heads while outside enjoying life. There organization now has over 3500 vets on it with numerous volunteers.

Coming up September 10, 2022 in warren Mo at the fair grounds they are hosting vetapluza it is a concert to support some great veteran organizations. The cost is 25.00 vip is 100 anheiser Busch is donating the beer along with a veteran organization donating food. They will be raffling off a guitar autographed by Aerosmith at the concert must be present to win. There is two bands and a Stand up comedian performing at the event. The greatest part is they are all former military

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On This Day July 19, 1969

[nk_awb awb_type=”image” awb_image=”1602″ awb_image_size=”full” awb_image_background_size=”cover” awb_image_background_position=”50% 50%”]

On this date Apollo 11 and its astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins, went into orbit around the moon.

During this time it was a huge race between the United States and Russia to win the race to space.  It has always fascinated me with the size of space and what we don’t know.  With the government now declassifying the UFO reports.  It makes you wonder if we are alone in this world.  When you look at the size of one Galaxy and now we know there are tons of Galaxies I find it hard to believe we are alone.

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Credit: https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/07/19/july-19/


On this day July 17, 1862

On this date congress passed an act that states Entitles every service member who has been hurt during time of service is entitled to a pension for the rest of his life.

I have heard several people say that service members knew what they were getting into when they signed up. That they are should not be given these benefits. It truly irritates me considering in the civillian world, people are perfectly ok with workmans compensation. People are ok and feel that companies should pay for injuries to the employees. Well this is just the military workmans compensation.

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The Day of the Safety Brief Episode 31

This Episode Don and Doug talk about their times having to endure this painful experience.  The dreaded Safety brief was done right before a 4 day or 3 day weekend.  They would talk about all the stupid things Soldiers do to get hurt or in trouble.  You did not want to have to be there as it felt like it never ended and you definitely did not want to be the one they were talking about.  The stories are hilarious and crazy to the non military personnel.  Take a moment and check out this episode.  It is on Spotify, Iheart Radio, google, amazon music, and our webpage.

On this day July 11, 1945

On this day napalm was first used  on Japan in the Sierra Madre and Kiangan area.  The American military dropped thousands of napalm bombs.  I can’t even imagine the damage that was done with these.  I would not even wish this upon anyone.  This is one of the reasons why I think the World Wars were the most violent wars.  Viatnam was pretty violant as well but compared to the current wars things were way more up front and personal.  Napalm has effected even our troops with illness and cancer.  This stuff is brutal.

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Importance of being political homeless

I sit here watching the news not to take sides or to be apart of any kind of party, but to be aware. I always use my own mind and my own moral compass to guide me. My life experiences have shown me the darkest parts of people and I know what people are capable of. When I see tweets like this, I am reminded how short thinking people in this country have gotten.

If you think our soldiers who fought for this country are just government workers, than you are not a patriot. If you are about fixing America and supporting those who are sacrificing for this country, than put your agendas aside. Remember our government and our politicians who have never served a day in there life do not define what America is. The people in this country define what we are about. When you are mad about things happening by politicians, do not take it out on our country and Soldiers.