On this day August 22, 1990

On this day President Bush signed an order calling up reservists to bolster the US military buildup in the Persian Gulf. This created a ton of funny images. I remember seeing reservist holding up signs that say “1 weekend a month 2 weeks a year my ass”. These made us active duty guys laugh so hard. However nobody ever expected what came much later to happen. As Afghanistan raged on, I remember Soldiers who were forced to go past their enlistment date. I know for a fact you got a much different attitude from these Soldiers compared to when they thought they were full filling their contract obligations. I never really agreed with it as I felt that a volunteer army has always made us the best military in the world.

Now to be fair, the small print of the contract does state your obligation is 8 years. So if you enlist for 2 years active you will do 6 inactive with the ability to be called back up. So instead of calling people back up they just kept you. Now I also seen people who was out of the military get called back up to the reserves, after being out of the military. That small print got a lot of people.

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The legend has been solved. Now to find the mad shitter

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On This Day August 21, 2001

On this day  NATO decides to send a peace-keeping force to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. I have always had issues with this situation. Most of the Soldiers I know was given a real quick lesson, that our government was for hire. I was stationed in Germany when our sister battalion was sent on rotation to Macedonia. The fact that our Soldiers had to wear blue berets and UN patches was discussing. Not one of us took an oath to defend the U.N They originally sent 1100 troops from the U.N into Macedonia to watch surbia. Out of the 1100, 350 was US troops. I was tired as a Soldier risking my life to carry out orders from a U.N. board. Tax payers have continued to be force to pay for the position as world police.

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Latest Podcast

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Episode 42: The Candy Ass Report

In this episode Don and Doug rant about some of the candy ass decisions that have happened lately. Don talked about the increased IRS staff that will need to be armed. Putting another weight on the shoulders of the ammo companies. Did it brought up the origination of the term Karen. In this episode there was two questions asked one requires a vote, but you will have to listen to get the questions lol

You can listen from here if you wish.

On this day August 15, 1968

On this day Heavy fighting intensifies in and around the DMZ, as South Vietnamese and U.S. troops engage a North Vietnamese battalion. In a seven and a half hour battle, 165 enemy troops were killed. At the same time, U.S. Marines attacked three strategic positions just south of the DMZ, killing 56 North Vietnamese soldiers.

I sometimes find myself just thinking about the things that the veterans of Vietnam went through. The challenges they found themselves in. The stories of perimeters getting over ran in these huge battles. There is absolutely no way you could be in this type of combat and not have PTSD when you return.

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On this day August 14, 1943

On this day An American torpedo was mistakenly fired at the U.S. battleship Iowa, which was carrying President Roosevelt and his joint chiefs to the Tehran conference; the torpedo exploded harmlessly in the Iowa’s wake.

Holy crap can you imagine the person that gave the order to fire, and the sailor that hit the button. If he wasn’t tarred and feathered lol he had one hell of a story to tell. This had to be the largest naval mistake I have ever heard of.

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Episode 40: World War 2 Time

In this episode Don and Doug discuss the opportunity they had with a vet that served in the 1950’s. This time was very different in America as well as in the military. They also got the opportunity to shoot several WW2 firearms. They shot an M1 Grande that was manufactured in 1942. They also shot the German Choice of weapons an 8MM Mauser. This day was spent learning about some history from this time that they did not know. It truly was an amazing day spent talking to this veteran and sharing some beer. It is a day that Doug will never forgot as the M1 Grande was on his bucket list and I am sure his search engine history is filled with pricing and trying to find one. Here is a few videos of us shooting and pictures from the day. You can listen to the whole podcast as well.

S2 E37 JB Brown, Military Veteran, Singer Songwriter. Two Drunk Dudes In A Gun Room

JB Brown is a Marine Veteran. He served until becoming injured in combat. He than continued a music career starting in the rock scene, until he found his true calling to country music. JB Brown got selected to be apart of operation encore and his career has continued to grow from there. You can follow JB Brown on his website and you can listen to his music on Gun Room Radio To listen to music by our military veterans and military spouses check out Gun Room Radio You can also follow Gun Room Radio on Facebook You can follow Two Drunk Dudes in a Gun Room podcast on the following Platforms Website Facebook Twitter Instagram If you need help reach out to us or call 988 EXT 1 for veterans. Reach out to us at ddunn@twodrunkdudesinagunroom.beer
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  2. S2 E38 Jonathon Crochet / Audrey Mchugh
  3. S2 E36 22 Mohawks, with Dave and Stacy
  4. S2 E33: Joaquin Juatai, Veteran, Author
  5. S2 E35: Malachias, Veteran, Singer Songwriter

On this day August 13, 2003

On this day In southern Afghanistan a bomb ripped through a bus in Lashkargah, killing 15 people, including six children. Officials blamed al-Qaida and remnants of the Taliban militia for the bombing, the deadliest in nearly a year. Heavy fighting erupted between government soldiers and Taliban remnants. 43 deaths were reported in the fighting.

Unless you have been to these places it is physically impossible to imagine the evil that humans can do. This is a country where women can’t get an education. They have zero rights, and are used like property. The government takes what they want, and you are expected to help them with what ever they want. I am not saying every person over there is evil, I am saying that some people are born to deal with this type of evil, and their sleepless nights is the direct reflection of why you can get some sleep.

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On this day August 11, 2003

On this day In Afghanistan NATO took command of the 5,000-strong international peacekeeping force in Kabul, its 1st deployment outside Europe.

I spent the majority of my almost 7 years deployed in Afghanistan. I can vouch that bases and fobs that Nato took over turned to shit. Kandahar was a place where no officer wanted to be called in charge of in fear of the impact on their careers. The infrastructure had no control or planning and units of all countries staked their flag in an area and did as they pleased. The power grid for the base looked like something created out of mad max. I am def not a fan of Nato and truly think they are part of our problems.

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On this day August 9, 1813

On this day, After reports that British naval vessels were nearing St. Michaels, Md., to attack the shipbuilding town that night, the county militia placed lanterns on the tops of the tallest trees and on the masts of vessels in the harbor; and had all other lights extinguished. When the British attacked, they directed their fire too high and overshot the town.

How would it feel to know that you are relying on trick lighting to protect yourself from being shelled. Sometimes it amazes me to read about tactics and training practices from early America.

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Episode 37: squirrel we may have an attention disorder

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