The great outdoors with Mo vets outdoors

In this episode Don and Doug discuss the organization Mo vets outdoors with the founder Tony. They pay for hunting and fishing trips to get veterans unplugged and out of there heads while outside enjoying life. There organization now has over 3500 vets on it with numerous volunteers.

Coming up September 10, 2022 in warren Mo at the fair grounds they are hosting vetapluza it is a concert to support some great veteran organizations. The cost is 25.00 vip is 100 anheiser Busch is donating the beer along with a veteran organization donating food. They will be raffling off a guitar autographed by Aerosmith at the concert must be present to win. There is two bands and a Stand up comedian performing at the event. The greatest part is they are all former military

You can find out more on this webpage or our Facebook page. Check out the podcast to get all the information

On This Day July 19, 1969

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On this date Apollo 11 and its astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins, went into orbit around the moon.

During this time it was a huge race between the United States and Russia to win the race to space.  It has always fascinated me with the size of space and what we don’t know.  With the government now declassifying the UFO reports.  It makes you wonder if we are alone in this world.  When you look at the size of one Galaxy and now we know there are tons of Galaxies I find it hard to believe we are alone.

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Does our constitutional rights matter under private owned companies?

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It started out to be a way to  get veterans  to join together and bring back the comradery of our brotherhood.  Its sad that we are given rights that prevents the government to infringe on them.  Does this mean that private companies do not have to abide by?

We would occasionally go live on Tik Tok and show us recording a new podcast.  Most people know we are trying to prevent veteran suicide.  Its sad that people get on there and bombard us with typical politics nonsense.  It really does makes me laugh lol.  I laugh because me and Doug both consider us Politically Homeless.  We both don’t believe in a big government and feel that no government of today has our best interest in.

So lets get into what is happening.  The first amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Unfortunately this does not say anything about private business.  This makes you really wonder does this mean that you have to be willing to get rid of your constitutional rights to use their platform.  Unfortunately it seems that way.  In order  to use Tik Tok we have to be willing to hide our guns that are tripled lock and legal to own to be on their platform.  Its sad.  Considering the second amendment states this “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  Again in this situation to go live on Tik Tok I have to be willing to give up my first and second amendment rights.  Its unfortunate.

The real problem is with all the big tech companies we are not the customer we are the product.  They are making  a living off our content and our work.  The more we are on it and interacting the more  they can charge for advertisements.  This means you don’t have any rights on there.  You will give up your rights to have what is suppose to be enjoyment.  I strongly consider people to look at what they have to give up to enjoy an app.

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On this day July 17, 1862

On this date congress passed an act that states Entitles every service member who has been hurt during time of service is entitled to a pension for the rest of his life.

I have heard several people say that service members knew what they were getting into when they signed up. That they are should not be given these benefits. It truly irritates me considering in the civillian world, people are perfectly ok with workmans compensation. People are ok and feel that companies should pay for injuries to the employees. Well this is just the military workmans compensation.

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On this day July 12, 1916

On this day Battleship USS North Carolina was the first ship to carry and operate aircraft from it.   Can you imagine being an aviator and landing an aircraft on a naval ship without all the instruments they have today.  If YouTube was a thing back than the videos that would have been seen would be wild.  I would have never thought that we would have been doing that back than.

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Importance of being political homeless

I sit here watching the news not to take sides or to be apart of any kind of party, but to be aware. I always use my own mind and my own moral compass to guide me. My life experiences have shown me the darkest parts of people and I know what people are capable of. When I see tweets like this, I am reminded how short thinking people in this country have gotten.

If you think our soldiers who fought for this country are just government workers, than you are not a patriot. If you are about fixing America and supporting those who are sacrificing for this country, than put your agendas aside. Remember our government and our politicians who have never served a day in there life do not define what America is. The people in this country define what we are about. When you are mad about things happening by politicians, do not take it out on our country and Soldiers.

On this day July 4, 1776

On this day the continental congress voted to adopt the amended declaration of independence. It was also signed by the president of congress John Hancock. The final draft was not signed until July 19th by all the delegates becouse New York did not vote to adopt it until July 9th. Two of the delegates that signed it later went on to become President of the United States.

To everyone who takes the time to read our posts and listen to our content we thank you. Hope you have a great and safe 4th of July. This day is living proof that freedom was not free.

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On this day June 26th 1993

In retaliation to Iraq attempting to kill former President Busch, president Clinton ordered three tomahawk cruise middles to be fired into the city of Baghdad. They targeted the city building that the Iraqi intelligence worked out of. Kuwait police officials spoiled the attack on President Busch, and the evidence was overwhelming that iraq was behind the attempt. The missies cost the United States 3 million dollars. The missies was fired off the coast by the USS Peterson.

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On this day June 12, 1944

June 12,1944 the third wave of US troops hit the beach of Normandy. At this point there was well over 100k troops on ground pushing the Germans back. The success of D day is what gave us the ability to continue the push and resupply of troops and supplies . The death of thousands during the assault, could have changed the outcome for millions had these brave Soldiers lost the assault. As a nation we owe these men and women from this period a grateful and sincere thank you

God Bless Our Troops, remember one is one to many. Please follow our podcast to help us Combat veteran suicide.

Salvaje Event 1: 1st annual shoot out

I know there has been some confusion on where the shoot out is. So here is the link to google maps to get you there. I will post the links at the bottom of this article. Our first shoot out will be conducted like this. We will have three divisions centerfire, rimfire, and pistol.

Centerfire: The only requirement for this division is it must fire a centerfire round. The caliber, scope, gun stand or sandbag is completely up to you. This is a division to bring your best rifle and show out. You will fire at 100 yards with three rounds. Top score will win ties will be broke by tightest shot group. It is 20.00 to enter. Winner gets half the pot the rest goes to Tunnel to Towers.

Rim Fire: You must use a rifle that shoots a rimfire round. The gun and caliber is up to you as well as the scope, gunstand, sandbag. This division will use the rimfire association targets. You will get 20 minutes to shoot 25 targets with 25 rounds 1 round in each target top score wins ties will be broke by most bulls eyes. Targets will be 50 yards. Winner gets half the pot and the other half goes to Tunnel To Towers

Pistol Division: This division must fire an actual pistol no Ar Pistols. It will fire from yards top score will win ties broke by best shot group. You will fire three rounds.

Schedule: All contestments must be paid and drew there numbers for shooting order by Noon. The brief will start at noon. First to brief will be Doug Norton with what Salvaje Army is all about. Second to brief will be Don Dunn with what Tunnel to Towers is all about. Last we will go over the rules first division to shoot is Centerfire, Second is Rim fire, third is Pistol.

Once the tournaments are over you will collect your prizes at the sign in table.

There will be free hotdogs and buns and condiments provided. Please bring your own drinks, gun, and ammo.

If you would like to donate and can’t make it to the shoot you can donate on our facebook page directly to Tunnel To Towers. Salvajearmy

Google maps link