On this Day June 22, 1942

On this day a Japanese submarine shelled Fort Stevens Oregon. This happened at the mouth of the Columbia river. I find this very interesting as people always say that the continental U.S has never been attacked until 9-11. We all have heard about pearl harbor, however I have never heard about this. Doing some more research the attack was not successful. There was over 10 shells fired and most landed in a baseball field and the near by swamp. The reason for this was the commander of the Fort ordered a complete black out. He than ordered his men to not fire back as he was able to tell the location of the submarine was out of reach of anything he had at his disposal. He knew the returning of fire would not be useful and would give there location away.

Some nearby air force planes were doing training flights. They discovered the submarine and called for an A-29 Hudson. The submarine was spotted however the submarine was able to dodge the bombs and escape. I found this very interesting and even I learned something today as well.

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Resource Credit: https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/06/22/june-22/

On this day June 20th, 2010

On this day Iraq’s Central bank was bombed. This bomb was carried out by the Islamic state of Iraq. This bombing brought Bagdad to its knees. Over the years the tactics changed by both the enemy as well as the United States. Lots of people go back and forth about reporters in the field, however the one thing that everybody can agree on is that our training techniques are shown to the enemy.

In the early stages of the war we use to immediately go to the area a mortar or rocket hit the FOB at to get a back azimuth. We had to stop doing this as the enemy learned to send a second in at the same place to kill the crowd and responders. I remember in Mosul our MP’s would secure areas that a car bomb had gone off. The enemy learned reaction times for us and the Iraqi Police. They would detonate a car next to a traffic circle in front of a building. Once we responded they would detonate the second VID in the area, killing the police and our Soldiers. We had to learn how to counter these tactics as well as take care of the civilians that were injured. I still remember being on the base when I seen and heard two explosions down town Mosul. I remember watching the smoke rising and I instantly knew what had happened.

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On this day June 18, 1995

On this day Bosnian Serbs announced they would resume cooperation with United Nations. I served in Bosnia in 1998. 3 years later the fighting had finally slowed down. We than called it a peace keeping mission to prevent the fighting. This was the first time I had worked with other countries. I worked with Russian troops. It always kinda made me laugh that we was there as a peace keeping mission, but the only thing I learned in Bosnian was Stop or I will Shoot. The country had been so war torn and to this day I still remember the first thing I seen in bosnia. As we crossed over the bridge leaving Croatia on my left was a school. I remember the area looked like something you would see in little house and the prairie. The part that got me was seeing all the 50 Cal rounds that had been shot at the school from the fighting.

Working with the Bosnian military and the civillians, I learned first hand how much these people needed peace in their country. The war was brutal and people have suffered for years from it. Even though it wasn’t not a government civil war, It always made me think if this was how brutal our civil war was.

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On this day June 17, 2006

This is one of those things that touch home. On this day Us Troops and SOF forces fought insurgents for control of key areas in Ramadi Iraq. I was not there on that day, however I was there in Ramadi. When I see things about the battles there, I can completely relate. The city of Ramadi was a tricky base to control. It was in the middle of the city and Ramadi was built up next to the perimeter. I still remember when going out the back gate no matter what time a look out would be on the roof tops with an AK-47. They would report what and when we was doing things. They would point the AK-47 at you and make hostile gestures towards you. People don’t realize how handicapped the U.S is with the Geneva Convention. We follow rules of war, the enemy is not bound by. You break the rules and you will be tried by your own government, sometimes it can feel like your alone out there trying to get back to your family.

After the pull out of Iraq, it took a few days and the Iraqi Army that we gave Ramadi to was overran and lost control of Ramadi. Even the largest bases we occupied was overran. It brings back feelings when you see things in the news about the sand you walked on, the memories come back and feel like they had happened just yesterday.

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Credit to: https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/06/17/june-17/

On this day June 16, 2007

In Iraq Operation Marne Torch began in the Arab Jobour and Salmon Pak area. Coalition forces went out to do what they were trained and extremely skilled to do. By August they detained more than 60 suspected extremist, Destroyed 51 boats, killed over 80 terrorist, and destroyed over 50 weapons cache.

All of this was conducted while millions of people go about their day with no thoughts about the evil that exists in this world. I truly feel if more people experienced what humans are capable of they would be amazed. Seeing the evil first hand makes me thank God that we do have the right to carry weapons.

It is young men and women with weapons that goes through these days, to protect millions of people that may or may not be from America. As a country we have forgot and can not relate to what a country goes through when war breaks out in a country. Take a moment to remember that our rights are God given, however they are protected by men and women with weapons.

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Resource credit to https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/06/16/june-16/

On this day June 15, 1944

On this day, The United States began its first attack on Japan. With the help of the Marines, The Navy, and the Coast Guard, we was able to clear the beach to set up operations. The 2D and 4th division marines cleared an area by nightfall over 10000 yards wide and 1500 yards deep.

As the decades have passed, the history we choose to teach those behind us gets mixed with hidden agendas. I think it is important to know what the brave people have done for this country, as well as the rest of this world. I find it fascinating on how the conversations must go waiting for the news paper to come out to find out what has happening. Listening to the radio like similar to how we check our phones now. Sometimes I feel like times were easier than, but you look at the resources they had. The weapons these guys were fighting with makes you realize it wasnt any easier it was just different. I think it is important we never forget. There is too many mistakes we make now if we don’t learn the lessons they have shown us.

Credit to https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/06/15/june-15/

On this day June 13, 1944

On this day Germany fired the first V-1 buzz bomb. It is a guided missile that is launched at France. On this day they launched 4 missiles only one was successful in causing any casualties. However this was the beginning of the bombardment of missiles that came this month destroying London.

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On this day June 12, 1944

June 12,1944 the third wave of US troops hit the beach of Normandy. At this point there was well over 100k troops on ground pushing the Germans back. The success of D day is what gave us the ability to continue the push and resupply of troops and supplies . The death of thousands during the assault, could have changed the outcome for millions had these brave Soldiers lost the assault. As a nation we owe these men and women from this period a grateful and sincere thank you

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Did You Know?

Did you know on this day June 11th, the Coast Guard officially became part of the United States Military. Most people don’t really follow this branch, however they provide a huge service to this country. Between drug intervention to patrolling our coast lines, they are on watch for us everyday. If you ever get the chance to visit with someone in the coast guard you will hear some great stories. If anyone knows someone in the coast guard we would love to have them on the show. From all of us here at Salvaje Army happy joining Uncle Sams Family Day.