On this day August 25, 2005

On this day Hurricane Katrina made landfall between Hallandale Beach and Aventura, Florida, as a Category 1 hurricane. Four days later it came ashore again near Empire, Buras and Boothville, Louisiana. The rescue and response effort was one of the largest in Coast Guard history, with 24,135 lives saved and 9,409 evacuations.

We never give enough credit to the coast guard. They really do some great things behind the scenes. In the military we all kind of look down on them out of jealousy. The truth is these are some of the bravest men and women in the military fighting drugs, human trafficking, and natural disasters. My hats off to you guys thank you.

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I think with everything our military does this is the appropriate podcast

Credit to: https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/08/25/august-25/

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