87,000 new jobs created Build Back Better

Man if that title doesn’t look like an awesome thing for Americans in this time of need. The inflation rate is up to 8.5% which has lowered your buying power by 5% from a year ago. The new jobs are all in one industry. The IRS is hiring 87,000 employees to replace the 50,000 that are retired or expected to depart over the next 6 years. I know in the media that they say the term agents. This is not completely true, as some of these positions are IT, maintenance and the normal jobs that is required to run a business.

Wait did I say busines? Well to be honest I think the government has turned more into a business over the years. It seems they really do care about two things. Your vote, and your tax dollars. It does not matter what political party your with, you have to look back and ask yourself one question. Did they do anything they told you they would do when they tried to persuaded you to cast that vote. I know I heard all sorts of free stuff that was coming, like free college and reduced taxes, and jobs. Well at least one thing was true, there is jobs coming.

Now I am not against taxes so lets get that out in the open. I do think that our government has gotten so big that they feel we work for them. Here is why I say that! If you go back to the several stimulas bills I want to focus on a few things. In the 1.9 trillion dollar recovery act they gave away about 11 billion dollars to foreign aid. From 2013 to 2018 we gave away almost 300 billion dollars in foreign aid mostly consisting to 11 countries. In this time frame America has gave away the most money in foreign aid than any other country. I have never seen anyone get a vote on where their tax dollars go at the federal level. Polls have been taken over and over, and they all say majority wants to stop giving away so much in foreign aid. Than bill after bill gets passed with money allocated to foreign aid.

My problem is how over taxed the American working class is. Giving away a huge chunk of their money to a government who does not appreciate it. Regardless of what the government does for us, they will constantly give themselves a raise higher than inflation levels, while jobs gives American workers the standard 2.5% raise if any at all. Let me break it down why the average American worker feels like it can’t get ahead.

Lets say you make a $1000.00 a month. Lets say you spend 120.00 in gas a month. and a budget of 200.00 in groceries a month. Leaving the rest for rent and utilities. Now I know this is low on what it takes to survive, but bare with me.

For fuel tax I could only find a 2019 average. The average tax was .60 a gallon. The average price of fuel was 2.60 in 2019. Divide the 120 by 2.60 this means you bought 46 gallons of fuel. This means you gave the states 28.00 of your 1000.00 for taxes reducing your buying power of fuel by .60 cents a gallon. Now this tax is suppose to go towards roads and emissions and so forth. However the same items are taxed several times in different ways.

That 1000.00 you made is also taxed so lets say you pay about 15% in taxes this is also low its closer to 18 so out of the 1000.00 you lost 150.00 to states and federal taxes. This money is to be spent however they want.

Grocery items are taxed as well. Most states are between 4 and 7 percent. Non Grocery items are taxed at the states sales tax rate. So you see what is happening. You loose the buying power of your money to pay taxes on items with money that is already taxed because you worked for it. So the government can decide how much money they made off you versus how much over there income they received they are going to borrow from other countries. All of this additional money from stimulus bills to national debt contributes to increased taxes and inflation. These two items are directly effecting your buying power at the pump, the grocery store, to supplies for home repairs and car repairs.

I completely feel it is time for people to think about cause and effect. Everything the government does will have a direct effect on you in some way. It is important to understand over regulations effects jobs directly as well as the need for more money from the tax power. So increasing the IRS by 37k will have a direct effect on you buy the budget that is needed to pay them. They are already counting on money that will come from business, and regardless of what is said the middle class. You will see mom and pop stores closing, and taxes and inflation will be the direct cause. It is sad to see the down fall of the greatest country in the world, but if things don’t change it just may come to light.

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