FireArm Coating Prices

Here is a list of our prices for coating firearms We do not recommend Hydrographics for pistols. Please note firearms that need to be disassembled and reassembled will have a disassembly and reassembly charge based off the price chart. All prices for Cerakote is single color each additional color is 35.00

Cerakote Pistols Single Color

Frame only $120.00

Slide $100.00

Controls $35.00

Baseplate $20.00

Barrel $70.00

Trigger $25.00

Disassembly/Reassembly $45.00

AR Variant Single Color Cerakote AR Variant Hydrographic

Complete AR $450.00+ $250.00

Upper Receiver $80.00 $60.00

Lower Receiver $80.00 $60.00

Handguard $100.00 $80.00

Upper/Lower/Handguard $240.00 $190.00

Lower Parts Kit $70.00 N/A

Upper Parts Kit $70.00 N/A

Barrel $75.00 $75.00

Magazine $25.00 $25.00

Butt Stock $45.00 $40.00

Buffer Tube $60.00 N/A

Muzzle Device $25-45 $25.00

Gas Block and Tube $40.00 N/A

Disassembly and Reassembly $75.00 $75.00

Bolt Gun Single Color Cerakote Hydrographic

Complete Bolt Rifle $295.00 $375.00+

Barrel and Action $200.00 $200.00

Rifle Stock $110.00 $175.00

Bolt $75.00 N/A

Magazine $30.00 $30.00

Disassembly and Reassembly $75.00 $75.00

Shotgun single color Shotgun Hydrographic

Complete Shotgun $295.00 $275.00

Barrel + Action $200.00 $200.00

Shotgun Barrel $75.00 $75.00

Disassembly + Reassembly $75.00 $75.00


Salvaje Army Customs

Over the last few years Salvaje Army has been growing into its skin. We are a veteran owned business that supports veterans and our military. We are a small shop that turns guns, motorcycle, parts, and most items from good to amazing. We specialize in hydro graphics, Cerakote coatings. If you have something that needs restored, and brought back to life than check us out.

Resurrecting an AR-10

This AR-10 had been mistreated in its previous life. Someone tried to paint it a dark green with what appears to a lacquer paint, and did not quite hit the mark. The current owner asked if we could bring it back to life. We sat down with him and took his vision and I think we hit the mark. He selected a single color cerakote “Glacier Forge”. I will admit it is an amazing color. Right from the beginning we could tell it was the perfect choice. I will leave it up to you to vote. First image is before and the second image is after.

You can see all of our projects on our website as well. If you are looking for something Cerakoted or something coated with Hydrographics, reach out and let us turn your visions into something amazing.

Salvaje Army Customs has been busy coating firearms and skulls, and Harley parts

These last few months we have cerakoted several items. We cerakoted a citadel trak .22 cal rifle, a Smith and Wesson MP&9, a WW2 Bayonet. We have dipped just as much as well. We dipped a deer skull, front and back Harley Fenders, AR-15 300 BLK. Things have been busy and looking good. Check out these projects

  • IMG_4925
  • IMG_4920
  • IMG_7356
  • IMG_7355
  • IMG_7345
  • IMG_7345_1
  • IMG_7349
  • IMG_7350
  • IMG_7353
  • IMG_7342
  • IMG_4927
  • IMG_4950
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  • 7-mm
  • Projects

If you are in need of getting something coated give us a shout out and see what we can do for you. Orders are coming in and keeping things busy, So if you need something by Christmas you need to do it now. The current turn around is about 10 Days

Cerakote Vs Hydrographic

As you can see in the pictures both items have a covering on them. What is the correct covering for you? Lets get into the differences and the pros vs Cons of each.

Cerakote is a special covering that will adhere to plastic, metal, wood, and many other materials. The coating is a form of polymer-ceramic coating. The benefits to cerakote is that when applied correctly it will protect the under surface of the product you apply it to. This will allow your item to last for many more years protecting it from rust and scratches and damage from normal wear and tear. The color choice is basically endless. The fact that this item is so durable it is ideal for pistols and shotguns that have several moving parts. As with anything there is some cons to this items.

Cerakote even though how durable it is has some limits. First being the designs. With cerakote its designed for durability and there for makes it hard to create elaborate designs. Most designs use templates to make some designs or patterns. The problem is that cerakote being ceramic based does not like anything to stick to it after it has hardened. So you must complete the project in less than 2 hours when using multiple colors or it will just chip off. The second con is the price. Compared to hydro graphics cerakote is more expensive. You are paying for the additional protection and durability, however the paint is higher in price than the film for hydro graphics.

Hydro graphics is a film made out of polyvinyl alcohol. The film will dissolve once placed in water and sprayed with the activator. Once this happens it leaves the design on top of the water and will stick to anything that is placed in the water. The designs and the patterns are much more indepth than cerakote, however does not provide the protection as cerakote. Once the pattern is placed and all the clean up and touch ups are completed a clear coat will need to be applied to provide some protection from scratches and dings. Think of it as car paint. The clear coat on your car provides the same protection to your cars paint as it would for the film. With door dings and other scrapes you know that clear coat is not damage proof. The same is for hydro graphics. This choice is ideal for something you want to show off and gently use. Works perfect for a range gun, wall piece, or something you want to display. The plus is your choices to designs is only limited to your imagination. The plus to this is the price is lower than cerakote as well. You can also do shoes, crocs, kids lunch pales, and a ton of other items.

Cons is pretty straight forward. This choice does not provide protection from drops and scrapes. The film could be scratched if you penetrate the clear coat. This choice will not work for devices that have electrical components that can’t be removed. The prep work is a little harder than cerakote as well.

Both of these choices will bring years of satisfaction. Its just important to answer a few questions to decide which choice is correct for you. If you still have a few questions feel free to email us or message us. Let us handle taking care of the things you love.

On this day September 4, 2004

On this day  Insurgents clashed with American and Iraqi troops in northern Iraq. A suicide attacker detonated a car bomb outside a police academy in the northern city of Kirkuk as hundreds of trainees and civilians were leaving for the day, killing 17 people and wounding 36. Saboteurs blew up an oil pipeline in southern Iraq.

I can vouch anytime I traveled through a police checkpoint I was nervous. It was not uncommon for the police to bomb themselves for money and fear from the other side. They go to work and dig a hole and put a mine or IED in the hole and it detonates and kills cops and civilians. They were good at it and it was always an uneasy feeling going through them.

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Credit to: https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/september-4/